Download Tap the Frog Apk for Android Mobiles and Tablets

By | June 18, 2017
Meta Information Tap the Frog :
Name Tap the Frog
Developer Playmous
Category Arcade
Current Version 1.7


Download Tap the Frog Apk for Android Mobiles and Tablets
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Tap the Frog Apk is here for the android users which they can download for their android mobile phones and tablets. The download link of Tap the Frog Apk for android is given below. Tap the Frog is the game played casually and in which the players can number of various mini games. Each one starring the frog that faces the number of different activities. In all the games, there are 18 mini-games and all have something in common that you’re main leaded the frog. In each and every game of these, you need to do something different. In some, there is a skateboard while in others you have to dress the frog in space suit. You also have to jump across the ponds in some games. This game can be played alone but the mini-games can be played online so the competition can be held with your friends as well. The objective of the game remains the same that are: achieving as many points as you can, going through the challenges and scoring more than the previous level. The game is definitely full of entertainment. It will be fun independent of how many minutes have you played it. All the fun in the game is due to the huge collection of the mini-games in this game. It is an amazing game to kill the time although it hasn’t been designed as the purpose of lengthy games. Reviewers are in love with this and they have commented that this game will make you addictive to it. Its attractive visuals and presentation brings more game lovers towards it.


  • 28 frog some found in mini games
  • Multiplayer game available for the enjoyment of the family
  • Share your cool ranking with your friends