Download CShare Apk for Android Mobiles and Tablets

By | June 6, 2017

Here download CShare Apk for your android phones and tablets. To download the CShare for android, follow the link below. CShare is an application which allows sharing all kinds of files with other users with an instant as well as with comfort as well. You just need this application installed in your devices to enjoy its features. To send any kind of file, you just need to press the adjacent button, select the documents that need to be send (for example: photographs, videos, music, APKs) and then wait. After few seconds, the receiver will able to see the documents in their device which you have send. The files can easily be downloaded that are send. It is definitely an amazing tool from which all types of files are shared between the devices. It was not so easy as before. Keep in mind that the receiver to whom you are sending the files must also have the application for receiving the files. Best part of this application is that it is compatible with cross platforms. The exchanging of photos, videos and files was never so easy and simple before. This application delivers a wonderful experience of transferring data. Sending and receiving the audio and video files is faster than ever. Enjoy the fastest and experience with full of interest of transferring the files.


  • Allows file sharing on cross platforms
  • This application is freely available and reliable
  • Simple and easy to use as its user interface is very user-friendly
  • The speed is sharing is very fast
  • Allows you to share files from across 100 meters
  • The things can also be shared on groups instantly
  • No network charges are needed
  • If other devices have Cshare, it can detect automatically

Download Cshare APK Here

Download CShare Apk for Android Mobiles and Tablets
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