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Name Apnetal Clac
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Current Version 2.52
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Updated December 12, 2018
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Now a day’s modern technology has greater impact of on personal and social life. Our life is fully occupied by modern tool of socializing. Everyone is having smart phones, tablets and laptops; moreover not a single person is ignorant about Facebook, twitter, Instagram and whats app. This is how a world in connected, and this mingle has created this expended world into a global village. As part of this global village, online socializing is an easy and accessible way to make social connections. Everyone is having Facebook account these days. You can see thousands of updates on Facebook and thus people are spending lots of time in peeping and stalking others, lots of people just enjoy getting likes, shares, and comment on their pictures, updates and events. Thus now even managing Facebook account is really difficult and time consuming task. Most of the time its gets troublesome to get the maximum likes and comments. So, here Android Apental Calc apk is best application to get lots of likes comments and followers using this easy and simple Android application named as Apental Calc. This is easy and interesting Application, available here. If you are looking for helping hand to manage and maintain your Facebook account just click on download mentioned in a given link below. This application is easy to use and it will make your Facebook account well organized and up to date. Thus, if you want well organized Facebook account click on download and install it on your mobile, tablet or on any android device. During installation this soft ware you have to give permission to the application to fulfill required steps, this application will never abide by the stealing and hacking device and data in device.

Before using this application you have to change you settings and you have to make all of your the statuses and updates as public, thus is very important to lots of like and comments.

If  you didn’t do this you won’t get any use of this application. In this way, before introducing you need to do this setup. When you install the Apental Calc (Facebook Auto Liker) and can use and utilize,by simply tapping on your home screen and open this Apental Liker. This will take you to the profile you signed in. This application will get some information about your photograph on which you need to get likes. In the wake of opening the photograph tap on “Want to Like This” button, you will begin to get lots likes from genuine Facebook users. Along this, one thing I need to specify here that this not cheating or deceiving, because many individuals most likely in your friend list likewise would use this application just to support their societal position on social media.

Moreover, when you will begin getting lots of likes, you will come to know the effectiveness of this application. However, one thing you can’t do with this application, you couldn’t focus on the people from where you can get likes. In this way, only chance is that if any of your friends has been using this application and once he drifts on your like button, he will get the list of people who have liked your status. In addition, if  you are confronting any issue during getting likes like “Privacy Problem here”, then you should go the your old liked post and picture and click on unlike button. In this way, Apental Calc is a best auto liker application to get lots likes.

If you think you need this awesome application to boost your facebook account, simply you need to download this (New Apental) application, by clicking of link given below. In addition, if you are getting any difficulty in downloading, or some other issues, free feel to let us know by commenting in the comment box.

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