SimCity Build It Moded Apk Download for Android Mobiles and Tablets

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SimCity Build It Moded Apk Download for Android Mobiles and Tablets
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SimCity BuiltIt is the mobile version of the PC game SimCity from the Maxis. SimCity BuiltIt can be easily downloaded from the provided link mentioned below for your android phones and tablets. It is the game in which you can easily create your own city. This game allows you to buy number of buildings and place them wherever you want to. But while placing the buildings, you should keep in mind that they must be connected to the buildings.


  • Along with number of buildings and amazing 3D graphics, this game makes the buildings in real-time on your device
  • Place all the building through strategies so taxes can flow easily and city keep grooming
  • Squeeze, zoom, rotate at 360 degrees depending on how to manage and allow the expansion of the city
  • Make your resources to construct your own skyline and start trading these resources among your friends as well as other cities
  • Send your orders of boat and ships from your airport
  • Make in style of Tokyo near your neighboring cities and move ahead towards the wonderful landmarks such as Statue of Liberty and Arc de Triomphe
  • Stretch with the beach along with port, waterpark and others
  • Provide solutions to the challenges which occur in real life like traffic, pollution and fires
  • Facilitate with services such as power plants and departments of police which full the needs of the citizens
  • Provide your population with parks and education
  • Keep your traffic flowing with broad roads and cars available in the street
  • Finish the challenges which are full of fun which makes the society in a proper shape
  • Face the challenges every week and reach on top to receive highest ranking