Download DEER HUNTER CLASSIC Moded Apk for Android

Meta Information:
Developer Glu
Category Action
Current Version 3.5.0


Download DEER HUNTER CLASSIC Moded Apk for Android
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Deer Hunter Classic is the hunting android game in which the players travel across the world for hunting the number of animals. For downloading Deer Hunter Classic, simply visit the following link and enjoy the game on your android devices. This game is all about focusing on wild nature, following your prey and firing at the correct time. Preparation regarding to fire on the animals is also very important. There is huge selection available for the weapons like rifles and shot guns. Each has different features from the other one and shot guns for hunting in close-ranges. Almost, all the missions are quite same. You have to keep moving from right and left while stalking your prey until and unless the right moment arrives. In every level, you will see number of animals so it is your own choice to which one to have to fire. The control system of this game is perfectly designed according to the android devices.


  • Gather your friends in these worldly challenges as in this situation teamwork is very important
  • Work as a team for the completion of targets and collecting the rewards
  • Indulge yourself in the varied surroundings which is full of more than 100 animals
  • Keep yourself safe from the attacks of different animals like bears, wolves and cheetahs. To hunt the dear is just the beginning.
  • Have fun with number of options available for customization for the weapons you have
  • Keep upgrading your magazines, targets, collections, containers and others. This will make the hunting to the new level
  • Claim your rights as you have collect the largest animals through the achievements and leader boards of Google Play