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Battle Ages Moded Apk Download for Android Mobiles and Tablets

Battle Ages is the game which is based on strategies available for the users of android. For downloading Battle Ages on your devices, simple follow the link placed below. This real-time game is same as Clash of Clans in which you have to proceed the civilization from the starting of humanity. It means that you have to start constructing your empire in old times and keep moving it to the various periods of the history until you reach the modern age. To get various kinds of resources, you need to construct different building in your cities. In the beginning, the important resource is gold which helps in purchasing new units and increase the production. It will also help in searching new kinds of troops and technologies to increase the expectancy of life. You can also attack and conquer the buildings of your opponents. The story mode will provide you the guidance with the battles played in series. The idea of the whole gameplay revolves around different historic periods.


  • Take your civilization from the old age to the modern one
  • Cover the journey from the different, authorized and thrilling ages from the start to the other ages starting soon
  • Defeat the number of players who are playing on the international level
  • Discover latest and strong weapons which might help you in fighting
  • Make teams with your friends to win from the other groups in the amazing battles
  • Face the players of various ages
  • Allow to save the game and play across other devices by connecting through the social networking account
  • 22 various units, 15 kinds of spells, 11 sort of traps and more than 50 different buildings to build
Meta Information:
Name Battle Ages
Developer 505 Games Srl
Category Strategy
Current Version 1.8
app-icon Version: 1.8
Battle Ages Moded Apk Download for Android Mobiles and Tablets
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